Back on November 11, I wrote an article called Super Jipped N64 Degrees of Mad with Recent eBay Transactions” . But since then I got a great deal on an N64 (free) and just as my N64 article Returning to N64 was published, I picked up a great deal on a SNES on eBay but this time from a seller who specializes in video game systems.

I picked up this unit for about $10 less than the final sale price on the broken unit I got in November, plus this new one came with free shipping. Now to me all that matters is that this puppy works, but I do have to mention that this one came without any games or a controller. Luckily though, as you will recall from my failed first SNES purchase I had bought games and a spare controller to have with it, so that filled in the gaps here.
Outside of just loving the fact that this unit works, and doesn’t look like it went through a flood, I also really like that it has the RCA cable output rather than the RF output. Of course this also means the SNES is competing for the same RCA inputs on the back of the TV as my PS2, and N64 are. Hopefully a new TV can solve this, and if not than an RCA switcher may.
Now, with an operational SNES I finally got the chance to try out the games I bought for the other system. The Super Gamboy, and F-Zero carts work perfectly but Starfox has green horizontal lines running through it, as does Pilotwings but to a lessor extent. So I’m a bit concerned about this, and I’m going to try cleaning the pins on both games, since I have to clean my Excitebike cart for my NES anyway. If you have any idea what these green lines may be let me know.
The only Nintendo systems I’m missing now are a GameCube and a WiiU, but at the moment I’m in no rush on either of those. Of course now that I have both of Gen 4’s 16-bit powerhouses at my disposal I think its time to have a showdown between the two. So be sure to look for an upcoming article on that.