Did you get enough to drink New Years Eve and on into New Year’s Day? Perhaps you got a little too much, in which case I would suggest that you stop reading right now. If you’re still thirsty, and need get your drink on, than I would encourage you to keep reading. Unless you’re under 21 in which case you should also stop reading right now as well.

So anyway since this is a good week for alcohol I thought I would breach a subject that we usually don’t breach when it comes to playing video games. That is what is the best type of drink to have well you’re playing video games? And I’m not talking about a bottle of water or nice refreshing can of Coke.
Now, I don’t drink while gaming much. It wouldn’t really be much fun to be playing Halo drunk, poor Master Chief wouldn’t last long that way.  But, I do have a good drinking and gaming story. The night I started playing LA Noire I decided to get into the theme of things and drink some Mai Tai’s made with Rum and Trader Vic’s Mai Tai mix. With Trader Vic’s being a popular Tiki bar in LA, opened during the same era that LA Noire takes place in, they seemed to go well together. Well, let’s just say I finished off the bottle that evening and had a lot more fun with LA Noire then most people normally do. This included drunk driving in the game, which is a ball of laughs in the world of video games (definitely not in the real world). I was laughing my ass off and kept crashing my cars, eventually my Cole Phelps was running around the streets of LA on foot to get to crime scenes. This memory is part of the reason I love LA Noire so much.
But mentioning this also brings up a couple interesting sub-questions about drinking and gaming. Like what beverage goes best with a night of gaming? What beverages go best with certain kinds of games and/or what drink goes well with a particular game? Lastly, what games make you feel like drinking and which beverage do you turn to?
To help some of you answer a few of these questions I found a great blog out there with drink recipes and game pairings, and I also have a suggestion of my own that is very retro gaming themed.
That’s right there is a beer out there for retro gamers. 8-Bit Ale by Tallgrass Brewery, is the self proclaimed “Official Beer of Retro Gamers”. Their website http://www.tallgrassbeer.com/beers/8-bit has some interesting facts out there about the brew, and a crazy little video as well, and can tell you were to pick some up. Keep in mind they are all tall cans but they only come in a 4 pack. Its also a pretty good Pale Ale!
If on the other hand you prefer a mixed drink, I have to suggest a little blog called The Drunken Muggle. This blog gives you some great drink suggestions, that seem to reflect the games they’re paired with. The sites host Mitch, also has drink pairings to go with some popular films, and television shows as well.
So with that said do you have any story’s of being a little tipsy behind the controller? Or drink and game pairings? Be sure to let us know I would be happy to hear about them.