If you’ve read any of my past articles you will know that I buy most of my systems off eBay. Yeah I know, when it comes to retro gaming I should save a little dough and hit garage sales, resale shops and rummage sales. But I work out of town and by the time I get home from work each day you can be assured all those places are picked over, if they are open at all.

I think you all also know that I have been trying to add consoles to my collection, and two of the prime targets on my list where an SNES, and an N64.  I managed to get a hold of a Super NES and N64 the week before last on eBay from two different sellers. And I’ve been anxiously awaiting the SNES, since I have so many fond memories of playing it. I even bought an extra controller, as well as some of my favorite SNES games like Starfox, Pilotwings, and F-zero, as well as a Super Game Boy adaptor.
So let me put this next part to you this way, you see I was one for one with eBay, my Genesis was in A+ condition, but my Atari needed a little help with a busted power cord, which luckily the seller was cool about. So I guess you could say that I was pleased in the end with that transaction. But let’s just say my batting average just went down.
The Super Nintendo arrived early last week and let’s just say I’m not happy. For a few different reasons like:
Problem #1 – The RF adaptor is broken I mean the copper center post is gone among other issues.
No big right the NES RF adaptor is the same, it’s not an ideal set up but it would do for now.
Problem #2 – The on/off button sticks I barely got it into the on position, of course that doesn’t matter since…..
Problem #3 – The F*cking this doesn’t work…..AT ALL!
Looking on the back of the unit where the power and RF adaptor enter the system there is a brown substance resembling rust coming out. Trust me that wasn’t in the pictures. Was the thing under water at some point?
I bet your saying “That sucks”, and you’d be right, but I bet your also asking about the N64. Well, let me tell you that story too. I find the N64, I buy it and then, nothing! That’s right no communications from the seller, no package, nothing at all. So let’s just say I’m batting 1 for 4 with eBay when it comes to consoles.
Anyway, eBay may be the best place to find Retro game systems but so far I’m not impressed with what I have gotten. Hopefully the sellers will do something but they don’t seem to eager too, even with a eBay and PayPal complaint out there.
In the meantime though my money is tied up with Paypal until this is rectified, that also means that I won’t have an SNES to play for a while even though I have a bunch of games for it. I’m glad I didn’t make a grab for any N64 games, or I’d have that to contend with too.
Oh, well guess I have to wait.