I left off part 1 with finding Sega Genesis systems trending for lower prices then normal on eBay, and finding a system with everything I wanted, for $1 plus shipping. As I mentioned this Genesis had 2 controllers, 6 sonic games, the RF adapter, and of course the counsel.

I had to take a chance, I e-mailed the seller. “Does it work?” but no reply back. Two days passed and someone else started bidding on it and the low bid was $1.25, I waited till the day of the auction and at last minute bid in. It closed at $5.25, I sent another e-mail to the seller “before I pay does it work?”, no response. Finally 2 days later “yes it did work when I last plugged it in a year ago, I will check it again tonight!” the seller replied. That was good enough for me, I paid and with my eBay Bucks, it came out to $15 out of my pocket. But, was the seller telling me the truth?
I paid for the system on a Friday and got it by the Wednesday following. Pretty impressive considering the seller was near Seattle and I’m near Chicago. As usual though with my hectic life it was a few days till I could hook the system up, and also as usual it was a Friday night. So I got it hooked up, and guess what? I had a 100% fully operational system. No repeat of the Atari thing.
What happen next though I wasn’t expecting. You see I know 8-bit, and I vaguely remember SNES 16-bit, but when I plugged Sonic into that Genesis…….WOW! I had a whole new respect for 16-bit, and Sega. I don’t remember SNES looking that good. To say the least I’m hooked and even though I have 6 Sonic games to get through, I want to see what else Genesis can do.
Overall $15, for what was probably $300-$500 worth of stuff new is a hell of a deal. And considering I paid a 1/3’d for 16-bit magic that I did for my Atari, I think its worth it.
So is my next step the 32x add on? I don’t know well see what happens.