July 31st, 2013
I had the urge to build my record collection and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought to that, since I found the record player on Sunday. I can find new albums and remakes on Amazon, but those are $15 or $20 a piece. I’m ok with that for something new like Norah Jones Broken Little Hearts, or Babel by Munford & Sons, but I think I can get older albums a lot cheaper. I checked E-bay next, still prices a little high. That and between shipping and often vague comments on record conditions E-bay may not be a direction to go either.
I wanted to check the record store in town and maybe hit some of the thrift stores too, but their hours and my work hours don’t align. So I wasn’t going to be looking that night. But I had this nagging feeling like there was something I was forgetting. Then it hit me, I had a set of 45’s.
In my bedroom closet, inside a box of various old items, was what remained of my Grandmothers extensive record collection. It was a small box set of Glen Miller 45’s, that I saved as a memory of my grandparents old house, their record collection, and as a lifelong fan of Glen Miller.
The box is either made out of cardboard or possibly a wood like balsam, whatever it is they don’t use packaging like that anymore. Inside are five records, and I took the first one out with Stardust, and Pennsylvania 6-5000 on it, and figured out the settings for 45’s on the record player. I put the spacer on, then the record, keep in mind that I still don’t have the RCA cable adapters yet, so I can only hear it by putting my ear close. Stardust sounded great, and so did Pennsylvania 6-5000.
Now, my resolve was even stronger to get the RCA adapters, and more records. But I guess that would all have to wait till the weekend.