August 10, 2013
Earlier in the week my eldest son and I ran in and out of a local thrift shop in search of records, and we were in luck. Four stacks about two feet high of vinyl, but hard to tell what was in them. One record I did dig out was a Louis Jordan album, it had a lot of good songs on it, but pressed for time again I put it back and we left just as quickly as we had arrived.
Finally today, on a Saturday, with nothing to do we went back there. My eldest son was there mainly because he wanted to get out of the house. But he was helpful in sorting through the pile that had now become six stacks. But my goal of grabbing that Louis Jordan record was dashed, either someone bought it of it was moved in the creation of more piles.
Being a late Saturday morning the store was crowded making it hard to look at the records, especially since they where stacked horizontally in such tall piles on a shelf closest to the floor. Feeling my wife’s annoyance about going there I put a cap on myself to spend no more then $5.
Sons of the Pioneers, although an odd choice for me, I figured would have a unique sound on vinyl. I kind of always dug the old timey Cowboy Music they sang and figured on vinyl something would be added. On vinyl it actual does sound unique, but this release came from the group as they where older, probably in the late 1950’s early 60’s. So although its all the classic songs of theirs, that element of Sons of the Pioneers in their prime ala the late 30’s into the 40’s is lost.
I also grabbed the original Broadway cast recording of My Fair Lady. One of the reasons I grabbed it was because it was one of the records my parents had on their collection (perhaps this is that very same record?). I remember my sister loved this record and would put in on many a Saturday morning, while doing housework. The other reason is that it is a great album, is that Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison are phenomenal in this, I must admit though I do prefer Audrey Hepburn as Eliza though.
Lastly, I found some record sets towards the bottom of the piles. One of the ones I pulled out was a 6 LP, Dean Martin set. Ok, I will admit the cover looks very sappy early 60’s, but there are a lot of great songs on the set.