July 29th, 2013
“It’s nice you found the record player but we have no records!” My wife pointed out. My wife was happy I found the record player, and that it filled a gap in the entertainment center that had been bothering her for months. She too had some records her past she loved and was a little excited about the possibilities.
“On the contrary!” I said “There is one record!”. Inside the record player was one last record, part of a 1940’s anthology I loved listening to as a kid, which the remainder of my father gave away to charity several years before.
I still didn’t have the RCA cable adapters, but I put the record on and called her over. We could hear Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition faintly playing.
“God”, she said “I use to have a Beach Boys set I listened to like crazy when I was a kid. I wonder if my father still had it?”. I could tell she was beginning to get hooked.