Well, if you read my blog than you’ll know I did an article summarizing my 2016 gaming year just a few days ago. Now it’s time to concentrate on 2017, and my gaming goals for this year. To be honest outside of the lack of game completions, 2016 was a pretty good year gaming wise and I bought just about all the systems I intended to, and then some. My game wishlist my not have been fulfilled, but I have added many other games for many other systems giving me a satisfactory library on most of them.


With all that said it’s been hard to try to give myself goals for 2017 when 2016 delivered on many of my overall gaming goals. But I have some ideas and I think I’m going to lay them out.


-Get a Moon Patrol Arcade Cabinet

Last year I set out with the general goal of getting an arcade cabinet, but what I really wanted was either a Moon Patrol, or Baby Pac-Man cabinet. This year my goal will be to finally get that Moon Patrol machine.


-PS4 and Virtual Reality set up
I know its not retro but the only system I would like to really add is a PS4, with the virtual reality system mainly to play an old but updated favorite, Battle Zone.


-Atari 7800 to completion
With one game in the backlog stable, and 9 others needed getting an the entire Atari 7800 collection completed might just be in the cards.


-SNES at 100
Carrying forward 2016’s goal with this, but trying to carefully add good titles to this 100 mark.


-Nudging the NES and Atari 2600
I have no clear cut number to reach with games for either of these systems, but making 300 with each would be grand even if it can be a slugfest after reaching 200 on both so this is a loose goal.


-No More Backlog
My goal here is to eliminate the backlog I wrote about in 2016 some of which still remains, but of course has grown (again). Of course this means I will need to return to 8-bit Fridays also,  which have dropped off here at the end of the year.


On the Wishlist (Games)


Dark Chambers (7800)
Desert Falcon (7800)
Kung-Fu Master (7800)
Mean 18 (7800)
Scrapyard Dog (7800)
Sentinel (7800)
Summer Games (7800)
Tank Command (7800)
Tomcat (7800)
Hard Hat Mack (Apple II)
Deserts of Kharak (PC)


On the list of Shame (Games I need to finish)
Titanfall 2 (XB1)
Fallout 4 (XB1)
Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)
Starfox: Zero (Wii U)
Mass Effect (360)
Watch Dogs (XB1)
C&C: Red Alert 3 (PC)
Mass Effect 3 (PS3)
Battlefield 1 (XB1)
COD: Infinite Warfare (XB1)



Secondary Goals:


These are goals I’m putting a lower priority on since they are either things I’ve done already or realize are kind of complicated


-Attend Midwest Gaming Classics Again
My family and I did this last year and it was fun but also a little stressful. Yes, I did get a pinball machine, and a few other things I was looking for, but between carrying around jackets in the hot venue, and dealing with a toddler, and the events limited food choices a man can find himself with a cranky family pretty quick. IF, (and I capitalized the if for a reason) we do it again this year I plan to stay in the hotel where the venue is taking place at itself. The goal here is we can leave our jackets, and even our buys in the room, and even return there for breaks, lunch, snacks, toddler meltdowns and the like.


-Still working on that gameroom
Part of the reason this hasn’t progressed as you can imagine, is because household project money is being spent elsewhere in the house. In addition to that the basement and it’s transformation is a deeply debated topic, since my wife and I want several different things out of its conversion and it’s not easy to make it all happen.


-Still working on a permanent website
Yes, hopefully this is the year for taking the Grand Emperor to it’s own website
Ok, so perhaps not as ambitious as 2016 but you get the picture. Thanks again, for reading and I look forward to gaming with you in 2017.