Where are all the 45’s? I mean I can find LP’s like crazy, but whats up with the 45’s?
I get it 45’s are the singles and all the really good songs are on them. Being from the pre-electronic music CD, era I know about singles, I have a couple of CD singles in my personal collection, and my sister has single tapes in hers. There weren’t as many of either of these in our day, but 45’s are a different story. 45’s where huge in the day, and whole albums in some cases where only released based upon single 45 sales. 45’s where used in jukeboxes, given out by DJs in contests, sold by bands at concerts, and so on. Yet there are barely any to be found.
At my weekend record store visit I found some 45’s in a bin next to the larger LP record bins. Yet none of them where good. Like a single from Ray “Ghost Busters” Parker Jr. What you didn’t know he made any other songs? Well he did and I found the 45’s. Trust me the bin was full of those.
So any hopes of finding Elvis, or Richie Valens, or any others doesn’t seem to be a reality outside of E-bay.