My son and I headed down to the basement to play some video games while my wife went to visit next door. I wanted that real video gaming atmosphere, and popped open the my Targus 320 CD case, and flipping through the binder like 4×4 pages finally found something to listen to. 
So I realize I have 320 cd’s, and probably 20+ albums in electronic form, and hundreds of miscellaneous single songs here and there electronic form. Then I suddenly realized that I had this huge buzzing in my head about my need to collect vinyl records. 
You see I just have kind of been aimlessly picking up records here and there just to hear that vinyl sound. But I’m not giving myself any direction, which is leading me to the record wozzy’s this kind of dizzy feeling about collecting. 
So I have been trying to sort it out mentally. Do I continue to just collect? Do I pick and artist? A genera? An era? I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy the hunt but knee deep in a pile of records at a resale shop or amongst bins at the record store there is this feeling of being overwhelmed, and often times totally forgetting what I’m looking for. 
Anyone else feel this way when they started?