January 17, 2014

There are a lot of “unique” records out there, one that comes to my mind is a Transformers record I had as a kid. I remember conning my sister into buying it for me at Woolworth’s for $3, and now I see it on eBay for $40, yikes. Anyway. there are a lot of records out there with unusual music and/or subject matter, that would classify them as “unique”.
There are “unique” records, and than there are unique “records”. today I found the latter on trip through a local thrift store.

That’s right this is a yellow transparent record. The album itself is a show tune compilation, Best of Old Broadway, from the early 50’s.

It wasn’t something I was looking to buy but after I saw the actual record I had to have it. Of course the cute redheaded showgirl on the cover, and the fact that it is a fairly pleasant collection of music made buying it a bit easier.

This is also the first record I’ve had a chance to play on the new record player since I got for Christmas.

So the record looks really cool on the record player, and is in really good shape meaning the beat up cover has done its job well the years.
I also managed to pick up two additional 45’s today as well.

To feed my need for Bond songs, I added this 45 of For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton. Side A is the actual song, while Side B is the instrumental version. What surprises me is that considering it was the key song in a Bond film there is nothing on this 45 or sleeve to indicate that. If this record where to be sold now days it would come with markings all over it to market the single in connection with the movie, and vice-versa.

The song itself For Years Eyes Only is a bit of a snoozer and had my wife recollecting the days of easy listening stations while stuck in the back seat of her parents car on long trips. I had to agree this song was an 80’s easy listening station standard, and hardly gets the heart pounding like modern Bond songs such as Adele’s Skyfall, or Garbage’s The World is Not Enough. Overall though the 45 is in good shape, and allowed me to test my new records players ability to play 45’s.
The next 45 is Dionne Warwick’s I’ll Never Love This Way Again / In Your Eyes. I bought this one confusing it with I’ll Never Fall In Love Again an early Dionne Warwick song I actually did like. I wonder if her Psychic Friends told her I would be writing a blog about this single? Anyway, these are familiar songs as well, that definitely recollect those days of your parents easy listening stations in the 80’s. The 45 itself is in good shape here too, because imagine it wasn’t listened to a lot. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, but at $.50 I’m OK, loosing on this one.
But you know writing this particular blog posting a few interesting questions popped into my head that I would like to ask you my readers.
1. What is the most unique “record” that you’ve ever found and/or may have in your collection? If you would like to go ahead and re-post a picture with this that would be awesome, because I’d love to see what kind of strange and wacky vinyl items are out there.
2. What truly good songs did your parents easy listening station ruin for you?
Feel free to go ahead and add your comment to this post I love to see what everybody’s answers are to these questions.