I hope you’re enjoying this series and I also hope that you’re beginning to listen to some of the podcast that I’ve suggested for you.

For this particular installment I decided to go with a slightly different type of podcast. It still deals with retro gaming but it’s a bit different than the previous two that I’ve bought to you. Both the Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast,  and The Retro League, are really great when it comes to learning about old-school games and even how to retro game in our modern era.

With this particular podcast you’ll still learn a bit about retro gaming but not quite in the same sense that you will from the other two podcast. I started listening to Legacy Music Hour, thanks to a suggestion by The Retro League, who often bought up the podcast. At first I never bothered to really look for it until about a week ago when I came across the podcasts while looking for some new ones to listen to you. I didn’t know what I would hear so I decided to give it a try and listen the first episode, I didn’t think I’d get much further than that. But after the first episode I was hooked and I immediately downloaded three more. Over the course of last week I must’ve listened to seven episodes. Keep in mind each one of these episodes is at least an hour long.

The show is hosted by Brent Weinbach, and Rob F. both of whom are comedians and musicians out of Los Angeles. The two of them are both funny and engaging, and also incredibly knowledgeable about music, and composition. Combined with their love for video game music of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, they present a podcast that is both fun and enlightening.

Until you listen to this show you never really get a chance to realize the effort, and artistry that goes into video game music. The hosts through their own knowledge and research, combined with special interviews from time to time are able to show us how video game music and writers are able to incorporate different styles of music into early digital formats, and then use that music to set the stage for different scenes and atmospheres within games. On top of that you get a great understanding as to how different sounds are made that closely emulate real musical instruments. The podcast is great for helping someone in to retro-gaming learn about how games come together, and the importance of music within them.

I do need to mention that this podcasts last episode was made on November 15, 2013 so they just stopped producing shows last month. But having been doing this podcast since 2010 Brent and Rob have put together 157 episodes. At an average of and hour each that’s a lot of listening till you get to the end. And hey maybe if I get enough of you to listen in, and write in, maybe they will do more shows. (2019 Update: The show did return in October of 2018)

You can check out their blog at legacymusichour.blogspot.com, and down load episodes there. You can also find the show on iTunes as The Legacy Music Hour.