Ok, we talked about anticipating what may be under the tree, now let’s talk about those Christmas Day memories. I know we’re two days away yet, but I don’t want to post an article on Christmas and I’m afraid after none of us will be in the Christmas mood anymore.

Christmas 1989
For me there was the Christmas of 1989 when I got an Atari 7800, and a bunch of games (Atari 2600 luckily). It was a total surprise to get the 7800, sadly it didn’t work and I bought it back to Toys R Us to get an Atari 2600 Jr instead. This same Christmas my Mom and Sister kept asking me what games I would like for Christmas. I gave them a list and told them “Whatever you do, don’t buy E.T. for me, it’s suppose to be an awful game”. So on Christmas Day I got some 2600 games, I can’t remember which ones but I can tell you for certain E.T. was one of them. I don’t know if they had already bought it when they asked me or they just wanted to play a little joke, but I believe it’s the latter.

Christmas 1990

One year later I also totally by surprise my parents bought me an NES, with a Power Pad. Ok, so it was 1990 and I came into the era really late, but for whatever reason we were never over the top video game crazy at my school, so it was alright. I remember that Christmas well, and very fondly since it was also the first one my brother-in-law was a big part of.

Christmas 1993

This would be the Christmas I got the PC I talked about it in my last my last post. To say this least it’s a pretty good memory., the rest of that Christmas vacation not so muchChristmas 2004

I wanted Star Wars: Battlefront on the PS2 for a long time. This year my wife surprised me with it.
Christmas 2010
My wife surprises me with the Constellation add on for Microsoft Flight Sim X, and CH rudder pedals. Not retro or even traditional gaming but a good gaming memory.
So with this basic recap of my past Christmases what are some of your favorite Christmas day memories? Was their a console that you opened that you didn’t expect to get? How about a game? What Christmas Day video gaming gifts are burned into your memory? Let’s hear about your Christmases.