The last thirty years have been an interesting time in recorded music. We’ve jumped from vinyl, to tape, to CD, to MP3/iPod. For music lovers there’s been a bit of a frustration in the constant changing of media forms in such a short period of time. Yet at the same time, this constant change in a short time has been a great benefit to the vinyl revival we are now seeing.
You see with the cyclical nature of vinyl re-emerging, and recorded music technology jumping from media form to media form so quickly, there is a tremendous opportunity. And what is that opportunity? It’s the opportunity to return to an old technology while having a huge portion of the population aware of the technology, its benefits and downfalls, and familiar with both older technology’s and the newest technologies simultaneously. One of the largest groups in the United States that fit this profile is the Baby-Boomers.
In my quest to discover more about collecting vinyl records I stumbled across a Baby-Boomer Generation focused podcast called Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site. The podcast focuses on good memories in past pop culture that many Baby-Boomer, and even Gen-Xer’s have, and it’s a light and fun show to listen to overall. I was particularly happy with the show when they produced an episode in July of 2013 on “The Return Popularity of Vinyl Records”. Here we see how the quick jump in recording technologies, combined with a generation that watched it all happen, have come together. So we get a Podcast (a technology of the iPod era), talking about the resurgence of vinyl from a generation that used it at its height.
The episode is fantastic, and a great and informative listen for anyone looking to make the jump back to vinyl. The hosts Mike and Smitty give a fantastic crash course into vinyl record basics with insight on buying record players, and records, and how to care for both. The two talk about the subject not only as members of a generation that’s been there, but with a real love for the subject matter. Even as a Gen-Xer who remembers vinyl as part of a not to distant past there were things, I even learned from the podcast.
I definitely suggest listening if you are making the jump back to vinyl too, especially if you don’t have much experience with vinyl. This podcast would be great for a teenager, or 20-something you know of looking to get into vinyl as well, since the show provides a lot of really key information that a novice collector could really use.
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