When it comes to counsel gaming I pretty much dropped out of that world between 1994 and 1999. I outgrew my NES and got into the wonderful world of PC gaming. Of course had I known the pitfalls of constently having to cut open the PC to upgrade this that or that next thing, I might have stuck with counsel gaming.  I was around when the SNES arrived on the scene, since my brother-in-law had one and I spent hours playing F-Zero, Super Mario, Pilot Wings, some sort of Football game, and Star Fox on it. But I wanted flight sims and strategy games and the only way to get them back then was on PC. I was aware of the whole Sega vs Nintendo thing going on, but I didn’t really care I was a PC gamer and I was above it all. But, at the same time I had to admit there where some pretty cool games coming out on both platforms, and 16-bit had a lot going for it.

Flash forward to 2013, and now I’m getting into retro gaming. I want to get an SNES, but as significantly cheaper as they are now then when they came out, they are still a little more then I want to spend on eBay and frankly I can’t find one with what I want. So one day I decided what the heck, I’ll look into a Sega Genesis. In the US the retro community loves its Nintendo, but does at times give Sega some props, especially the Genesis. Now keep on mind I’m not to familiar with Sega, I know games like Sonic, Altered Beast, and a few more, but as for the system nothing. But, I decide to take a chance anyway, and look up a Genesis on eBay. Luck was on my side that week since the Sega Genesis was for whatever reason trending fairly low price wise. That week there where averaging $30 plus shipping, not bad considering SNES’s where trending at twice as much. At that point I found a diamond in the rough, a new eBay seller with a Genesis and a $1 starting bid, 4 days into the auction, and $15 shipping. Plus, it came with 2 controllers, the RF adapter, and 6 Sonic games.
Is this a deal to good to be true? Find out in part 2.