Perhaps this would have been more appropriate to do on June
1, or June 30th, but now is as good of a time as any to make sure I
am on track with my New Years resolutions. Well at least the gaming
resolutions, I didn’t right the rest of them down so the heck with them right?


#1 Play a Final


I haven’t done this one yet, but I decided of all the Final Fantasygames, I’m going to buy and
play the first one. That’s right the original NES version. Now, I know what
you’re saying “what there are so many new and better versions, so why?”. Well,
you have to think I’m coming into a series that has been going on for a while,
and let’s be honest even though the parts don’t link up you still lose
something not starting from the beginning.


#2 Finally Finish Super
Mario Bros. 3


I bought in a lot of new games and systems this year and
sitting down to tackle this classic just hasn’t been possible, maybe in the


#3 Finish Halo: ODST


No to this as well for a reason see #2


#4 Get an Atari 5200 & 7800


Thank you tax money for helping me add these bad boys to my
collection! I wrote articles on both this year as well make sure to check them


#5 Play StarFoxall
the way through


See #2 and #3 for the reason


#6 Leave my comfort zone and learn how to play both Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2.


I have both for the Sega Genesis, plus a copy of MK for the SNES. I have played all three
and I can say I am slightly better at Street
Fighter 2
. Overall I think this one is done but don’t count on me to enter
any competitions for either.


#7 Find my PS1 and game, and if I can’t buy a new one


I couldn’t find my PS1 or its games and I am thinking I
dumped them about six years ago, but my memory fails me on that. However I do
have another PS1, and several games.


#8 Attend a retro video gaming convention


I was committed elsewhere the weekend of Midwest Gaming
Classics, and as far as I know I missed a few other as well.


#9 Make my wife learn and enjoy retro video games


My son and I have gotten her to join us a few times but I am
nowhere completing this one.


#10 Keep writing this blog


After a brief hiatus in February and March I’ve been pretty
consistent getting articles up.


Overall, that makes 3 completed items, 2 sort of’s, and 5 uncompleted items. Not bad I guess let’s hope I can
get the rest up and running before the end of the year.

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