I’d like to welcome everyone to a new feature at Noise From The Basement, the Basement Board of Review in which I will discuss board gaming, focusing on modern board games, and occasionally a few classics. Tabletop Gaming has actually been a subpage on Noise From The Basement for a long time but I’ve yet to post anything to it. So today I decided it was time, and finally renamed the subpage with some new content in mind. 

First I will start off by warning you that content and postings will more than likely be seasonal, as at least in my house, board gaming is a cold weather stay in the house kind of thing. But, again sometimes there are games which can transport easily, or even fill dead hours on summer vacation. 

The main focus of this blog will be modern board games, although we may from time to time go over a classic or two. Many of the games on here will also be from gaming publishers which American audiences might not know, but many of these publishers are major movers and shakers in the tabletop gaming world. Don’t worry, Parker Brothers, and Hasbro will still creep up, as they have some unique modern takes on their own classics. 

Board similar to that at the 2018 Midwest Gaming Classics. Photo curtesy REUTERS/Brian Snyder – RC1F3DAA28E0.

As for my history, I got into modern board gaming around early 2018. It started off with a copy of Star Wars X-Wing: Miniatures and grew from there. My interest was piqued even further when I saw the board game sellers area at Midwest Gaming Classic in 2018, and decided there were a number of games I wanted to explore and get into. Most were other Star Wars games like Legion, Armada, and Imperial Assault, but Ticket to Ride and Catan, also got my interest. Catan caught my imagination that year since MGC had a giant Catan board setup that players had to sit on rather than sit around. Eventually as the year grew on I would pick up a copy of Catan and Ticket to Ride as well as many other games. Entering 2019 I had a lot of games to choose from, but now faced little time to learn and play them, as well as no one to play with. 

As 2022 began, my youngest son became interested in board games. Of course his interest is mostly in Monopoly, but in an attempt to do something a little different my oldest suggested Risk, after two long grueling weekends playing Monopoly.  They played one game without me, but I jumped into the second game, and we began to explore the game and its rules a bit deeper. After that I got the board gaming bug again, and headed over to Catan to learn how to play it, something I had been trying to do since before Thanksgiving 2021. Once I understood and even played through a few games of Catan I felt I could master anything and have tried to learn a new game every weekend since. 

I hope you join me in this series, and even let me know about what board games you play that may be worth trying, or even let me know about how you play some of these games.